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Media Release - Southern Africa Regional Hopes and Cadet Week & Challenge 2020

Author: Heiko Fleidl, 30/03/20

Spectacular Venue

The Namibia Table Tennis Association (NTTA) recently hosted the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) sanctioned Southern Africa Regional Hopes and Cadet Week & Challenge 2020, from 14 – 16 March 2020 in Windhoek, NAMIBIA.

The Event, which is a qualification event for Africa Hopes Week & Challenge, was held at Namibia’s most modern Gym at the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek – DHPS. The venue, which boasts world class sporting facilities, contained a total of six (6) training tables.

The Hopes and Cadet Week & Challenge was originally scheduled from 14 - 20 March 2020 but was cut short when the Namibia Sport Commission (NSC) issued a moratorium on all sporting events in the Country due to COVID-19. The moratorium also forced the cancellation of the AUSC Region 5 Junior Table Tennis Championships which was scheduled for later than week.

Namibia's Youth Team 2020 Medalists

At the helm of proceedings was NTTA President & Vice-President Rudi Saunderson & Heiko Fleidl; Egypt’s Hisham Ismail was the ITTF Expert & Head Coach, an internationally renowned coach with great experience conducting ITTF Talent Identification Programmes. Hisham was joined by the recently appointed ITTF Southern Africa Development Officer, Kealeboga Keitseng.

Heiko Fleidl who also served as the event’s Technical Director was quoted “I think that, despite the absence of several AUSC Region 5 Countries, this event has been a success both on the organizational and technical side. Moreover, in this way, on behalf all participants, players and coaches, I extend my heartfelt thanks to Hisham for his generosity, kindness and his superb know- how.”

The ITTF Hopes Program targets Global Reach and Overall Growth of Table Tennis and extends to players of the U12 age group. Its number one goal is to encourage National Associations to run Talent Identification Programs and also to promote and work with young talented players for future success and growth. Under 15 players in Table Tennis are referred to as Cadets.

Due to several countries withdrawing as a result of COVID-19 restrictions imposed by their countries, the Hopes & Cadet Week & Challenge was contested by the national associations of Namibia and South Africa only.

Everybody practised very hard; all participants were eager to learn something new, to develop the level of their own style further and to prepare well for the Challenge.

The Namibian Team fair excellently in the Challenge, winning medals with three (3) of its players qualifying for the Africa Hopes Week & Challenge, which will be held later this year.

Herewith the official Full Results of the Southern Africa Regional Hopes and Cadet Week & Challenge 2020:

Hopes Girls Challenge

1.1.1. Gold: Juané Scholtz (RSA) Hopes Boys Challenge

1.2.1. Gold; Ruan Anton Scholtz (RSA)

1.2.2. Silver Timo Hüster (NAM)

1.2.3. Bronze Jan Wohlers (NAM)

1.2.4. Bronze Marco von Schuman (NAM)

Cadet Girls Challenge

1.3.1. Gold Kayley Anne Reddy (RSA)

1.3.2. Silver Alicia Eibes (NAM) 

.3.3. Bronze Netanya Beukes (NAM)

Cadet Boys Challenge

1.4.1. Gold Moegamat Nur van Dyk (RSA)

1.4.2. Silver Jayden Knittle (NAM) 

1.4.3. Bronze Ashton Dercksen (NAM)

1.4.4. Bronze Bruno Eibeb (NAM)

Namibia’s Timo Hüster, Alicia Eibes & Jayden Knittle all qualified to represent Southern Africa at the Continental event. The NTTA is proud of these players who will surely present Namibia and the Southern African Region admirably.

Anyone interested in taking up table tennis may contact the NTTA as soon as the COVID-19 virus is under control. This can be done via their website,, via email or via its very informative Facebook Page.